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Gone Travelling Country

Ngana Waathangka Ngacci Karchi Karchi - Gone Travelling Country Far Away 

I paint using my left and right hand palm. No brush was used as I only paint with my hands. This painting is about my travels out of my Country, my homeland to Melbourne in October 2019.

It was a group travel with my bala (brother and artist) Silas Hobson, my in-law and artist sissy (sister) Rosella Namok and our CEO. This painting captures the changing landscape scenes from my home in community to Melbourne, a big modern and major city of Australia. We were invited to Melbourne by Owner and Director of Aboriginal Arts Exhibition Gallery for our group exhibition at his gallery at Rutherglen Estates Cellar Door and Quest in Albury.

It was also a special trip as Quest in Albury, News South Wales, named a room after myself, Silas Hobson, Fiona Omenyo and Rosella Namok. No matter where I travel near or far away from my traditional Country, I will always remain connected to my roots and my identity. It was sad to leave Country, but it was also exciting to take see my artworks at the gallery exhibition and it felt like I was home away from home.

Size/Medium 86cm x 99.5cm