Irene Namok mockup
Irene Namok mockup
Kutini Country - SOLD to Hobart 31.12.2020

Kutini Country - Cassowary Country Iron Range

Kutini is language word for cassowary. These wild kutini's walk through our country.

My grandparents told me when I was growing up that Cassowaries are territorial but they also move fast to avoid being seen. Cassowaries these days live further in the deep forests out of sight and to spot them you need to have good eyes.

My grandparents told me a story of how a dream time kutini chased another kutini for a few hours until the chasing cassowary got tired.

The cassowary went down to the waterhole to take a cold drink and saw it's shadow and realized it was his own shadow he was chasing around. Cassowary are shadow keepers also of our ancestors.