Irene Namok picture
Irene Namok mockup
Summer loving new friendship

Australia has four annual seasons. Winter, summer, autumn and spring. Back in Lockhart and Cape York, we have wet season and dry season every year.

We don't experience the full four seasons because we are located in tropical environment. During the dry season which runs through the spring and summer season, we spend most of our time outdoors. We go out on Country and we see the wild flowers blooming, forest regrowth with new wild life giving birth to young wildlife.

My grandfather said to me as I was growing up that for our Indigenous people, we have to fall in love again and like our Country over and over again. That's our home, that's our life line and that's our history. In the dream-time story, we believe that looking after our land, waters and rivers is a way to respect our forefathers and fore-mothers.

This painting is about summer loving and new friendships we make with people and visitors who travel from all parts of Australia and the world to come visit our Country, camp on our land open to visitors. The different colored dots represent my forefathers and fore-mothers footsteps on my traditional land.

Size/Medium 85cm x 109cm