Fiona Omeenyo picture
Fiona Omeenya mockup
Teaching the young ones - SOLD to Hobart 31.12.2020

Our cultural heritage requires us to learn from our elders both past and present the knowledge, skills on how to live on our land, sea, rivers and outside our Country. When we are sick, our elders talk to us and give show us traditional medicine to take. They teach us language, song and dance and story lines that come with each dance.

They teach us about our bunjee relations which is in-law and extended families. They teach us about respect for Bora which is a restricted practice and observation which I cannot give more details. They teach us about recognizing seasons, plants blooming and what fish we can catch depending on plant blooming on our landscape.

We also have to teach and pass this knowledge down to our children so they can do the same down their generations.

Size/Medium 110cm y 87cm